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Handicapped Parking Application

Residential Disabled Parking was established to provide disabled City residents with convenient and accessible parking in close proximity to their residences.

Requirements and Conditions

Disabled individuals who apply for signs must meet the following conditions to qualify for a restricted parking space:

  • The applicant must reside on a residential street that is zoned R-1 through R-5.

  • The applicant must have either a current disabled Illinois license plate or a disabled placard issued by the Illinois Secretary of State. 

  • The applicant must reside at the location for which the signs are being requested.

  • The applicant may not have access to off-street parking. 

  • The number of restricted parking spaces on the street does not exceed the maximum allowed on a residential street.


Sign installation and maintenance costs must be paid by the applicant.

  • The application fee for the signs is $70.00. This fee must be submitted with the application.

  • The applicant will be billed a $25.00 maintenance fee on an annual basis.

  • The application fee may only be waived if the applicant holds a valid, current disabled veterans state registration plate or provides a certification of approval under the Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons Property Tax Relief and Pharmaceutical Assistance Act, 320 ILCS 25/1, et seq., as amended.

How Residential Disabled Parking Signs Work

Sign installation and maintenance costs must be paid by the applicant.

  • Once a completed application is received, the City will process it as required in Section 9-64-050 of the Chicago Municipal Code. The City will approve the application if all requirements are met.

  • If the Department of Finance recommends that the signs be installed, notice will be sent to the applicant, the Alderman's Ward Office, the Committee on Traffic Control and Public Safety and the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities. The City Council will review the findings of the Traffic and Public Safety Committee and vote on the passage of the permit.

  • If the Department of Finance determines that signs cannot be recommended, notice will be sent to the applicant and the application fee will be refunded. The applicant may appeal the Department of Finance’s decision to the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities within 10 days of the denial.

  • If approved, the City will erect two Disabled Parking Signs to mark a space of a minimum of 16 feet in the close proximity to the qualified applicant's residence and a Residential Disabled Parking Permit will be issued to the applicant.

  • Only vehicles that display a disabled placard or disabled plate, as well as the Residential Disabled Parking Permit may park in the Residential Disabled Permit Parking space. Vehicles in violation of this ordinance will be ticketed

  • The applicant must observe and comply with any other parking restrictions which may apply at the approved location (i.e. Street Cleaning signs, Rush Hour Parking restrictions, etc).

Disabled Parking Signs Application

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